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ところで、インストラクター(あ)は、師匠の母港がサンディエゴだったので、ほんの少しだけメキシコ沿岸を帆走したことがあります。爽やかな風と、めちゃくちゃ綺麗な海でした。 (あ)

It is sultry in summer of Japan!

Mr. Al and Mrs. Be are Mexican husband and wife. When Mr. Al was young, he was enjoying the small sailboat.
He fancy carrying out the cruise of the Mexico coast with his wife now. In order to send a safe sailboat life with its wife as the first step of a dream, He took a lecture on ASA.
By the way, since the homeport of the master of instructor Anz was a San Deigo, only the smidgen has sailed the Mexico coast. The place was a fresh wind and the very beautiful sea.  (Anz)

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you very much for the nice article and pictures!
    We are interested in practicing so I will contact you soon.
    Thank you very much to Anzi-san for great course!
    Best wishes

    • Alberto-san, Be-san,
      Thank you very much for challenging AOKI school.
      Let’s enjoy a sailing from now on.
      I am waiting in the sea. LoL (Anz)


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